Saturday, June 28, 2014

BBQ Short-Ribs Deuxième Fois

BBQ Short-Ribs Deuxième Fois

How do you describe success? For me it's doing something over and over again until it's perfect. Only after you make something several times can you truly say "SUCCESS", and only after careful honest analysis. Very few people can constructively scrutinize their own food which is why I am a big fan of giving most of it away.  

The first time I made these ribs they came out good but not perfect. These two packages are identical to my other Ribs I did so we will see if I can modify some things and get it right or near perfect.  

This blog will be short because I am just outlining what I did for these ribs. For more entertainment and more in depth understanding of what I am doing read my previous blog on BBQ Ribs.
The Sous-Vide machine was set at a perfect temp of 149 degrees;so I think. My hope with this temp is the highly anticipated rendering of collagen to gelatin. When I Sous-Vide at 131 degrees for 48 hours it was good but not great.

Thermal water bath doing its thing. The other pic is the ribs after 48 hours. Ribs will be placed in refrigerator over night. 

Refrigerated for 24 hours than ribs individually separated. Ribs were spiced up and BBQ sauce applied. 
Note: Ribs refrigerated over night because of personal time constraints and is not necessary. 

I placed a giant ice cube into my water reservoir and some ice cold water to keep BBQ at about 150-180 to generate a lot of smoke. It worked flawlessly. Temp approached 210 a couple of times but I was able to control the temps with vents.

It begins......I plan on smoking them for about 3 hours or so.

Almost done....

All done. Visually perfect.  Now let see how they taste.


 My final thoughts and review

The ribs were fall off the bone delicious. The collagen rendered down perfectly but this is somewhat subjective. Maybe just maybe I could have seen just a little bit more rendering. There is some wiggle room to improve on what I already did. Some things to consider.

  • If you want fall off the bone tender this is a perfect recipe.
  • If you like pull off the bone tender which means you have to cut it off or bite it off then you need to tweak the recipe.

Some things to consider doing if you want pull off the bone tender.

  • Increase temp of thermal bath to 155-159 but decrease time in thermal bath down to about 30-36 hours. At this temp the collagen will render down of course.
  • Keep temp at 149 but of course Sous-Vide 60-72 hours so more collagen will render.
A must do!!!
  • Apply dry rub 24 hours in advance

I will have to do this several more times to figure out what I like best. It's a hard life but someone has to do it.