Saturday, January 3, 2015

Prime Rib Reconstructed 2

The genesis of this is project started here.....Prime Genesis. Striving to do better this my second attempt at the "Prime-Rib Reconstructed". I knew I had it in me to do a better job. You can describe me as somewhat of a perfectionist. All awhile in the midst of making this fanciful foodie master piece I will still making improvements. These after thoughts can be found at the end of the post titled final thoughts. 

What can I say I am always on the quest for bigger and better. 

Now don't get me wrong my first attempt came out pretty darn good but there is always room for improvement. With this post I will not go into all the nitty-gritty but will give you a little insight with pretty pictures to what has changed. Whats up with the picture of the steer? That's full on powerful Black Angus Beef!!! Yea, it makes my mouth water too. Yup that's where our food comes from and I am proud to say I eat beef.
Started out with another Rib-Roast only slightly smaller. There were bigger ones but they did not meet my criteria. 
Just breaking it down separating the muscles and removing the undesirables. Thick fat and silver skin. I will reserve the thick fat and residual meat for salamis and sausages.
Muscles separated. Now on to the trimming.
Mostly trimmed. I need to work on removing the silver-skin a bit more.
Prepping Herbs. Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme.
Sprinkling on the Transglutaminase.
Salted (Dry-Brine) and ready to be rolled.
Rolling up herbs inside the plastic wrap.
Piercing to remove air-bubbles.
Tied up and ready for Vacuumed seal.
Vacuumed Sealed and Sous-Vide for 16 hours at 128 degrees.
All cooked and ready for the smoke.
 While the meat enjoyed at 90 minute smoke at 200 degrees I got the charcoal ready for the Blazing.

Using a charcoal chimney starter I blasted the roast to create that much loved browned aka Maillard reaction surface. 

Final Thoughts

It came out great!!! What would I change? If I was to do this again I would SV at 125 knowing that I was going to apply smoke. 60 minutes of smoking would have sufficed. I should have used Crushed pepper corns in the plastic wrap. 

Lets not forget the bones...