Friday, May 29, 2015


This is my first attempt (Second attempt HERE) at Sous-Vide Burgers. I was super excited about SV burgers because thus far I have had great success with this style of cooking. Before attempting burgers I did a lot of reading and research on the subject and one consistent complaint was that vacuum sealed burgers get sh-mushed in the bag. Well the solution to that problem was quite elementary. I vacuumed sealed the burgers in the molds. Problem solved!!! I went with 5 inch (buy molds), 15/16 inch thick molds and 10 oz burgers. I say go big or go home. 

This can't get any simpler than this. Since this was an experiment I used store bought Black Angus 80/20 beef.  In the next few weeks or so I will be playing around with my own blend. Anyhow I measured out 10 ounces of meat and lightly pressed them into the molds. I used deli wax paper to help with the process. The molds were placed in the freezer for about 40 minutes to secure burger meat. After the quick deep freeze I vacuumed sealed them up in the molds. Sealing them in the molds will help keep their shape during the cook. Note: the meat is never pre-seasoned. Just meat in a mold. If you pre season the meat it will become too dense.

Burgers cooked at 133 degrees for about 3 hours. Don't they look beautiful. 

Yes this is a rhetorical question because I know they look great. 

Dried off and ready for the sear. 

Perfect beyond measure!!!! I seared them simply in a smoking hot skillet with some Montreal Steak seasoning. 

What would I do different? Maybe use a custom blend. Maybe try a 6 inch ring/mold and go for a 16 oz burger with custom buns. Refrigerate meat over night and then Sear over hot coals for intense flavor. 

This burger had the best texture I have ever eaten in a burger before!!! Sous-Vide is the way to go for burgers.