Friday, June 5, 2015

Sous-Vide Burger # 2

My second Sous-Vide Burger examination. Before I make my custom blend of burger meat I am attempting to dial in my personal preferences for a perfect Sous-Vide Burger. I am trying to answer the proverbial question. What temp?..what temp?..what temp? As you well know you cook the meat at the temp you serve it at. Do you like pink or very pink meat? I like pink meat and like the texture too. My first burger I did SV was cooked at 133 degrees and it came out great but I wanted it to be softer and pinker. This burger was cooked at 127 degrees and seared in a smoking hot skillet. It was almost perfect but fell a tinsy bit short. My first Sous-Vide Burger can be found HERE. I am gonna try 130 degrees next time and note the texture differences. The second burger was cooked at 127 degrees also had smoked gouda and homemade pastrami (Flankstrami) made by yours truly as a topping. Man oh man was it delicious.