Sunday, March 29, 2015

Chicken Breast Roulade

Chicken Breast Roulade. Easy to do and all it take is a little TG (Transglutaminase). I have done this before so I will spare you all the details. If you would like details click HERE. 
I started out with large organic chicken breasts and trimmed off all the undesirables. 
I laid out some plastic wrap and coated the breasts with TG. Note the positioning of the breasts....Big side on small side etc etc. One extra step if you want to guarantee tasty moist breasts. Before I applied the TG I sprinkled just a bit (approx 1/2 tsp) of salt all over the breasts. This technique is called a dry brine
Tightly wrapped in plastic wrap to keep and maintain their cylinder shape. I will stand them vertically in refrigerator to maintain the shape for 24 hours. 
  All Vacuumed sealed and ready for the Sous-Vide bath. If you want to Sous-Vide to pasteurization I suggest using this GUIDE. Now that being said you not have to SV them. Cook them anyway you want!!!!

What to do with them? It's limitless!!!! The only limit is your imagination.