Sunday, April 23, 2017

Scalloped Sous-Vide Potatoes

From time to time I dream about Sous-Vide. I know there's a joke in there somewhere. Anyhow occasionally new things emerge from my dream like state so here you go. I made scalloped potatoes last week and I wondered if I could Sous-Vide these babies. I've made Fondant Potatoes Sous-Vide so why not Scalloped Potatoes. During the creation phase I always ask myself whether I am improving on a traditional dish by converting it to a Sous-Vide version and these are one of those times. For single serving the answer is yes.
Start out with a clean Russet Potato. Leaving skins on is optional but I prefer them. One large Russet filled a 5 inch ring.
Chose you metal ring diameter. I went with a 5 inch version. What can I say I am a big eater. A 4 inch ring would definitely feed a normal person. Make sure to spray ring with non stick spray. Just being cautious...
Using a mandoline slice to desired thickness. I'll suggest very thin. Stack away!!! Before you start make sure ring is sitting on parchment paper or foil. This keeps everything from falling out. 
Just a pretty picture of what it looks like stacked. 

As you stack away layer the Potatoes with your favorite spices and herbs. Make sure to include salt and pepper at a minimum. I like adding Chives, Onions and Parmesan cheese, or mixed cheeses and cream is always a must. 
Another layer.....go crazy.
Stacked to the top!!!
Parchment paper folded to secure contents. Potatoes are SV at 186 f for 2 hours. I served mine the next day. I shocked in Ice-Water and refrigerated.
All cooked..... Parchment layers being peeled back. Note: If removing them from the refrigerator make sure to retherm in hot tap water for at least 15 minutes before proceeding.
Fully cooked still in ring.....
Out of ring.....
Topped with more goodies and fried in your favorite fat. I used Schmaltz. 


More Gratuitous Pictures Below

 Making Pastrami gravy

 Pastrami gravy topped with more cheese