Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sous-Vide New Potaotes

Nothing better than Sous-Vide Potatoes. There's something extra special that happens when Potatoes are immersed in a water bath and slowly cooked. The colors remain vibrant, the texture inside is soft and creamy. This is so easy to do and takes no time just a little pre-planning. Sous-Vide has given us control over the uncontrollable. The potato come out perfect every time and there is no guess work. The potatoes are moist and perfectly tender. This particular blog is about technique and not about any participial recipe. 

I am lucky enough to have two Sous-Vide machines. The picture on the left is my Anova Sous-Vide which can connect to a vessel up-to 20 L. Preheat your Sous-Vide to 186 degrees for 90 min. I give it a head start by using tap water and boiled water so I do not have to wait to long for it to come up to temp. 

Place potatoes in a Vacuumed sealed bag. I made Lamb that night so I used the left over Rosemary I had with a little butter.  Use what ever herbs or fat you want or none at at all. I also used the Waring Vacuumed sealer which is fast and convenient. 

Submerge in water bath and cook for 90-120 minutes. Make sure it remains under the water.

When all done toss in a fry pan and cook with your favorite herbs and spices. Fry until you get some color on them. 

Serve on a platter.


Update: 5/24/14
Sous-Vide at 183 degrees for 2 hours. I tossed in butter and spices. When completed I cut them in half and sauteed in the butter that was in bag. They were awesome!!!!!