Friday, July 24, 2015

Sous-Vide Beef-Back-Ribs

This will be a very short post because it's so very easy to do.
Purchase Ribs!!! 
Unpackage Ribs....yea I am being a smart ASS. 
Using your favorite Rub plus sugar (I prefer Brown) coat your ribs thoroughly. 
Vacuum Seal and place in refrigerator for 24-36 hours. Don't skip this step!!! It's essential!!!! That's if you want them to taste great. Ok now the important part!


Sous-Vide at 149˚ƒ for 48 hours. Shock in ice-bath and refrigerate until you want to BBQ. 
Out of the refrigerator on to my Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker (choose the wood you like to use). I like to coat my ribs with BBQ sauce. This is not essential just a preference. They're smoke at between 160-200 degrees for about 2.5 hours. I add cold water to the trough to keep the temp down in the smoker. Since the ribs are already cooked to perfection smoking them at low temps adds lots of smoke and color without cooking them.

Gratuitous pictures to follow with review at bottom.

Review- Absolutely perfect!!! I Won't change a thing!!! So why did I chose 149˚ƒ? My experience has taught me that this temp is perfect to render down the fat and connective tissue. I have SV ribs at 131˚ƒ and 140˚ƒ and and although they turned out pretty darn good they were far from perfect. The majority of the connective tissue rendered down but the fat stayed the course. If you like biting into globs of fat use a lower temp. If you like succulent ribs that are basted in its own fat use a higher temp like I did. I've been asked before to compare SV-Smoked ribs to the more traditional Low and Slow method. The SV version is better. The meat is comes out perfect every time. Yes they have the traditional bark too, although not pronounced. The traditional way would take a very long time and not add any more smoke flavor. After a couple of hours of smoke the meat stops taking on smoked....unless of course you keep the ribs wet. Anyhow this is a superior way of cooking Beef Ribs. 

Sous-Vide Beef-Back-Ribs Revisited
July 2017