Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"The Majestic Hanger Steak"

Hanger Steak prepared Sous-Vide makes this a prized carnivore delight that sits on top of the food chain. Real beefy flavor and richness that has almost no equal: of course that's subjective. I loved it, but my wife, truth be told, did not care for it and she loves steak. She said it was too gamey. She's a chick so what does she know? Ha Ha.... I loved it and I will make it again just for me. 
Here is a pic of the untrimmed Hanger steak. It actually looks pretty good. I am just gonna take off some residual silver skin and hard fat
All sealed up and ready for thermal bath. Note: I always presalt my meat 24 hours in advance. The meat if cooked incorrectly will be very tough. Lower is always better. Everything I have ever read on this particular cut suggests high heat and to serve rare-medium. Failure to follow these suggestions will result in eating shoe leather. Long live the Sous-Vide. Anyhow I Sous-Vide the steak for 2 hrs at 133f. One might think that 128 might be better but I would disagree. I like my NY steak at 128f and my Ribeyes at 133f. These steaks can stand a little higher temp. There's some extra connective tissue that would not render at all at 128f. In order to render down the connective tissue one would have to cook the steak for many hours at 128f. I think 133f will accomplish this in 2 hours. 
After the thermal bath I shocked the meat in an ice bath for an hour then refrigerate for another 3 hours and 30 minutes in the freezer. My schedule is hectic so this technique served two purposes. Putting the meat on the grill with the flames of hell hitting it would surely raise them temp way above rare but since the meat went on super cold (33˚∆í) all this was mitigated.  
Sliced across the grain. Be careful here and pay attention because I noticed all three chunks of meats had crazy grains.

Chimichurri Sauce made with Caramelized onions
Avocado Compound butter made with Cumin, roasted garlic, lime juice and zest etc etc